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Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada; Shaydon always had a passion for sports handicapping; he began part time in 2012 and jumped into full time sports handicapping in the summer of 2017

In these past couple years Shaydon has went from independently sports handicapping to opening the company Fishing4winners; a sports consulting firm whose main goal is to help those that simply do not have the time to grind stats/injuries etc on a daily basis. 

Knowledge for sports comes from a young age; spending endless hours at the rink in the winter and the ball diamond in the summer along with numerous other activities. 

Favourite Sports Team: Vancouver Canucks

Fantasy Accomplishments:

Draftkings NHL - Ranked #219 / 7,343

Draftkings MLB - Ranked #1119 / 21,804

TPOY - Ranked #1976 / 42,431

Heavyweight - Ranked #875 / 2774

Handicapping Accomplishments:

Year 2020 (July-December) - +$35,000 (+35 Units)

Year 2021 - +$196,300 (+196.3 Units)

Year 2022 (January-February) - +$47,000 (+47 Units) 

Profitable 19/23 Tracked Months 2020-2022

If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact me

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Sports Handicapper

As a small town Saskatchewan boy, most of Jeff’s younger years were spent listening to music, playing and watching sports. This love for sports combined with his proficiency in statistics, developed into a winning combination for his personal handicapping pastime. 

Jeff convocated from the Edwards School of Business in 2009. These four years allowed him to expand his knowledge and hone in on formulas that helped with the successful prediction of sporting outcomes. Although remaining a pastime, Jeff became quite successful as a part time handicapper.

When the Covid pandemic slowed the world down in 2020, Jeff was able to revisit this pastime and with the help of Fishing4winners he was able to take the leap into sharing this passion to a whole new community of people. 

Favorite sports team: Toronto Blue Jays

Notable favorite sports figures: Carey Price, Nathan MacKinnon, Steve Nash, Vladdy Jr.